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Texas employers who elect not to purchase workers' compensation insurance are referred to as non-subscribers. On the other hand, Texas employers who do elect to purchase workers' compensation are referred to as subscribers. Simply put, Texas businesses have more than one option when it comes to providing benefits for on the job workplace injuries.

Why Does An Employer Become Non-Subscriber?
There are many reasons why a Texas employer decides to exercise their option to opt out of workers' compensation. Some of the primary reasons are because the premiums are too high with traditional workers' compensation insurance or they are fed up with fraud and the way medical claims are being handled.

What are Non-Subscriber Insurance Programs?
A responsible non-subscriber can implement a comprehensive program that provides occupational injury benefits to their employees. There are many insurance programs to choose from in today's market place that provide medical benefits, wage replacement benefits, disability benefits and death benefits. Many of the occupational accident plans also provide additional coverage for legal costs, damage awards, duty to defend and more. Quotes for occupational accident programs we offer are available to our agents by request. Please refer to our WEBQUOTE page to submit your client's information to us. We then will provide you with a spreadsheet with a variety of quotes from our various carriers.

What are Other Components to Consider?
In addition to purchasing an occupational accident insurance plan, which provides workplace injury benefits, a responsible non-subscriber also needs to consider workplace safety. This very important element is a must for any employer who elects to become a non-subscriber. It is also important to file the proper forms with the TWCC and post the proper signs that are required when a employer becomes a non-subscriber. These forms are simple to do and are available by request.

Only In TEXAS!
Texas is the only state in the Union where the majority of Texas businesses can elect to non-subscribe. Thanks to our historical fore fathers, this option has been available since 1913. However, there were not many employers who were interested in this option, or even knew about it until around the mid 1980's when workers' compensation cost in Texas escalated to some of the highest in the nation. Today approximately 44 percent of Texas businesses operate as non-subscribers. These employers can be found in almost every segment of today's business community and have employees that range in size from one employee up to thousands.

Please note! This information presented is designed to answer some of the more commonly asked questions regarding nonsubscription. The information herein should not be considered legal advice nor a full report of all factors to be considered.

For more information about Non-Subscription please contact:
Patricia Barnes-Casteig at patbarnes@compsolutionsnetwork.com.


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