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From our Insurance Carriers and Business Associates

    "This agency is one of the few sources of non-subscription products that an agent can count on consistently. They have the experience and relationships to bring it all together."

    Warren A. Howell, President
    Risk Management, Inc

    "It has been our privilege to work with The Comp Solutions Network on Texas Non-Subscriber programs for the past fourteen years. Patricia Barnes Casteig and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and excel in training and assisting agents with placing coverage for their clients. They are recognized statewide as a leader in the Texas Non-Subscriber marketplace."

    Darlene Freeman, Divisional President
    Great American Ins. Group, ECA Division

    "Since the creation of TXANS more than a decade ago, The Comp Solutions Network has worked with us to preserve nonsubscription in Texas. Comp Solutions participation in TXANS validates its belief in responsible nonsubscription and support for the programs utilized by Texas nonsubscribers."

    Steve Bent, Executive Director
    Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers-TXANS

    "Our attorneys have worked with Patricia Barnes and her staff for about 12 years. We have had several mutual clients. The Comp Solutions Network has always delivered consistent and good client service... much appreciated by our clients and us. They know their stuff!"

    Mike Dodge, Attorney
    Dallas, Texas


From our Agents

    "Patricia, I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciated the quick response and solutions we received from your firm. After searching for over a month with every carrier I could think of, I finally found you all on the Web.

    I was immediately impressed by the warm, cheerful and knowledgeable person I immediately was directed to; Dianne Wilson. She listened, went to your markets, and helped us to obtain coverage within a couple of days. Without her help, our client's income would have been cut-off and her money held back for 6 months. The situation was critical and she saved the day!

    Our agency will submit all workers' compensation to your firm first! No more dealing with companies that "just don't care" whether they can help us out or not. I will be happy to share this information with other Nationwide agents."

    Joyce Jeude Commercial Sales/Service
    Randy Juneau Agency
    Nationwide Insurance Company

    "I was the very first agent to become contracted with Patricia Barnes' back in 1989. So I was with her from the very start of her wholesale operation now known as, "The Comp Solutions Network". Pat was one of the first to pioneer the marketing of Non-Subscription programs also known as an "alternative" to Texas Workers' Compensation insurance.

    Her agency is well known statewide for its expertise and good business practices surrounding these products. Pat has always maintained a practice of treating her agents with integrity and fairness, and she has retained quality employees throughout the long years I have been doing business there.

    Only hard work and persistence can guarantee success in the insurance arena and working with the staff at "The Comp Solutions Network", can only help you achieve success in assisting your clients with their choices when it comes to Workers' Comp and Non-Subscriber programs. It has been a great pleasure doing business with Comp Solutions all these years!"

    Marvin H. Fletcher Jr.
    Independent Agent

    "Working with Jessie and Dianne at Comp Solutions is a great help and time saver to my agency. It is like "one stop shopping" for both work comp and occupational accident policies! Comp Solutions can access many good companies and quotes are turned around promptly! They are a pleasure to work with! Courteous and efficient!"

    Susan Piccolo, Owner
    Davis Insurance
    Independent Agent

    "Since 1996, we've enjoyed an outstanding relationship with the people at Comp Solutions Network. We've grown to rely on them for many of our Workers' Comp markets. Dianne Wilson goes beyond the call of duty. She had the magic wand in many situations!"

    Malcolm Willis, Owner
    Willis Insurance
    Full-line independent insurance agency

    "Dianne, I can't tell you enough how you absolutely saved the day on this account. My client was one step away from being thrown off the grounds at Walt Disney World if they couldn't get their workers' compensation coverage in place. It's so good to know that we can work together in a "crunch" and get the job done! I look forward to many more accounts together with a lot less stress!"

    Beth Brady, Agent
    David L. Brady Insurance Agency
    Full-line independent insurance agency

    "I have been doing business with Patricia Barnes and her company for well over ten years. My first policy with Patricia was written with Legal Security Life Ins. as a "Group Accident" policy. Since that time, I have turned to Patricia and her staff for most all of my non-subscription program needs. They have continually grown along with the non-subscription industry and they offer most all the programs I will ever need. They make "shopping the market" easy! The Comp Solutions Network also has an excellent Workers' Comp department."

    John W. Scott, Owner
    John W. Scott Insurance Agency
    Independent Agent

    "In this industry, there are several companies that promise good customer service, but I have to admit when that promise is extended at Comp Solutions Network, it is a promise that is kept. I've had the pleasure of working with Dianne Wilson for a time now and I have to say that she is the most pleasurable person I've had the opportunity to work with. She is helpful and goes out of her way to help in any way she can, which has been proven many times. She has exceeded my expectations and her reputation is beyond reproach. GREAT JOB!"

    Anita LeNorman, Marketing
    Brady, Chapman Holland & Associates
    Full-line independent insurance agency

    "Several years ago, when the alternative workers' compensation products began to appear, we were fortunate to be introduced to Comp Solutions Network. Their team of experts explained to us the nature of these products, the advantages and disadvantages, the pitfalls, and the most advantageous markets available. They gained our confidence from the start and have never lost it. Comp Solutions Network continues to be our broker for all products for non-subscribers."

    Michael W. Turner, CPCU, CIC
    Insurance Associates of the Southwest
    Full-line independent insurance agency

    "Patricia Barnes and I first met twelve years ago when I placed my first non-subscription client with Comp Solutions, which was a 50 plus employee automotive risk that could no longer afford to pay the workers compensation rates. Then times changed, the work comp market softened along with the rest of the insurance market and my clients when back into Workers' Comp. Our paths did not cross for probably five years. Then guess what!!! I ended up having people elect to come out of comp again.

    It was really nice to pick up the telephone and call Comp Solutions and find the same friendly, knowledgeable person on the other end of the line. I actually have the same large automotive risk over with them again. Same great service twelve years later!"

    Janic King, Agent
    Janic King Insurance Agency
    Full-line independent insurance agency

    "I've been doing business with Comp Solutions Network for over 12 years now. The reason I've remained loyal to them is because of all the great service they give me along with a positive attitude. You see, over the years I have been temped and tested by other agencies but always come back. What I have learned is you can go "direct" to the carrier to get a quote and write a policy. BUT, why do that, when you get the same commission and Comp Solutions' does all the work for you. They shop all the markets and pay the same. I learned that they can do a much better job and it makes writing this business a much more pleasant experience!"

    Rick Drachenberg, Owner
    Americo Insurance Agency
    Independent Agent

    "I have worked with Dianne Wilson for approximately 18 years, both at Comp Solutions Network and another General Agent's office. Her service and dedication to the insurance industry is highly commendable. Whenever you are in a pinch and need quick and expedient help, she is definitely the one to call! I would highly recommend using The Comp Solutions Network for your Workers' Compensation and Occupational Accident coverage's."

    Janice Hall, CSR
    Insurance Marketer
    Houston, TX

    "I am sure every agent has some poor, fair, good and excellent companies that they do business with during the course of an agent's career. Each of us has gone outside the normal way of doing business to other untried sources; I am no different than any other agent, been there done that too! But every time I have gone away from Comp Solutions to try something else, I have found that the grass is not greener on the other side!

    I have found that Patricia and her staff are not only a first class act, but there is no one else out there that gives the agent more service and attention. They are on the cutting edge when it comes to knowledge, expertise and good ole common sense. They know the nuances of each product and they know the appetite of the underwriters of the companies represented. They are willing to go the extra mile for me and help me make the sale. What a terrific combination of people and products! How can you go wrong?"

    Ray Slaughter, Owner
    Slaughter Insurance Agency
    Independent Agent


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